Confession When A Priest is not available

Posted on April 04, 2020 in: General News

Confession When A Priest is not available

This habit of returning home “takes flesh in the   Sacrament of Reconciliation”, the Pope explained.



“I know that many of you go to confession before Easter… Many will say to me: ‘But Father… I can’t leave the house and I want to make my peace with the Lord. I want Him to embrace me… How can I do that unless I find a priest?’. Do what the catechism says. It’s very clear. If you don’t find a priest to go to confession, speak to God.  He’s your Father. Tell Him the truth: ‘Lord, I did this and this. Pardon me.’ Ask His   forgiveness with all your heart with an act of  contrition, and promise Him, ‘afterward I will go  to confession.’ You will return to God’s grace  immediately.  You yourself can draw near, as  the catechism teaches us, to God’s forgiveness, without having a priest at hand.”



At the end of his homily, the Pope expressed the hope that the word “return” might “echo in our ears today”.

“Return to your Daddy. Return to your

Father. He’s waiting for you and He will throw a feast for you.”



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