Information from May 10 Message from Fr. Jim

Posted on June 05, 2020 in: General News

Information from May 10 Message from Fr. Jim

New Mass Schedule:

Saturdays:  4:30 PM St. Mary        5 PM St. Charles

Sundays:    7:30 AM St. Mary        8 AM St. Charles

                   9 AM St. Joseph    10:30 AM St. Mary               

                   11 AM St. Charles (Bi-lingual)


    This Mass schedule will allow Fr. Sergio and me to cover the Masses at St. Mary and St. Charles.  I’ve asked Fr. Gene if he is willing to celebrate the 9:00 AM Mass at St. Joseph.  As of this time, there will be no public celebration of weekday Masses.  Weddings and funeral services will continue to be celebrated with a limited number of people.  This is the directive of the archdiocese. 

25% Capacity

One of the directives that we must adhere to is no more than 25% of our total capacity in the church for a Mass.  Each of the churches will have designated seating in the pews.  Attendees must sit six feet apart in every other pew.  When the maximum number of people has entered the church, the doors will be closed. The chapel at St. Mary and the Cry Room at St. Charles may not be used for seating.  25%=

    St. Mary-135    St. Charles-100   St. Joseph-57

All those who as defined by the health department as more vulnerable (60+ years of age, those with compromised immune systems, those with underlying health conditions, those who are anxious about being in a large group, etc.) as well as children under the age of 7,  are encouraged to stay at home.  Sunday Masses will continue to be taped and avail-

able on the parish websites.  If you attend Mass one week, perhaps view on website the following week so that someone new may attend Mass in church in your place.  At this time the obligation to attend Mass is dispensed through July 5th. 

Designated Entrances

The main doors at each of the churches will remain locked.  We are asking that side entrances be used.  At St. Mary the far north and far south entrances on McHenry Street as well as the chapel entrance.  At St. Charles the elevator entrance and the entrance off the playground.  At St. Joseph the east entrance and the west entrance.  Doors will be opened 30 minutes before mass time.

Cleaning of Facilities 

Frequently touched surfaces such as pews/pew tops, doors handles as well as bathrooms must be cleaned and sanitized by CDC recommendations after every Mass.  Time will be needed to clean after the first Masses of the day which also accounts for the needed Mass time changes.  Hymnals, missalettes and bulletins will not be allowed. All ushers/greeters will wear masks and gloves while taking up the collection.  Face masks will also be encouraged for anyone in the church.  They will be available at the entrances if you do not have one of your own. 

It will be imperative that we adhere to these directives.   


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