St. Vincent de Paul Donations and Volunteers

Posted on November 22, 2020 in: General News

St. Vincent de Paul Donations and Volunteers

St. Vincent de Paul Donations

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Good Shepherd Conference, was formed with volunteers from St. Mary, St. Charles, and St. Joseph Parishes. Our mission is to bring help and hope to the poor of our community by providing rent and utilities assistance. Our efforts are supported by the generous donations of our parishioners and income from the Waterford Thrift Store. During these extraordinary times, the Conference has experienced a significant increase in the number of requests for help as well as an increase in the amount of money needed to avoid eviction. The need is great.  Please consider contributing to the mission of St. Vincent de Paul who said: “God tells you where to look; love tells you what to see.”

(Checks can be made payable to “St. Vincent de Paul Good Shepherd Conference” and mailed to St. Mary Church, 108 McHenry Street, Burlington 53105)


St. Vincent de Paul Volunteers

  “Charity is the cement which binds Communities to God

   and persons to one another.” -St. Vincent de Paul

The Good Shepherd Conference of St. Vincent de Paul is a tri-parish group of volunteers from St. Mary, St. Charles and St. Joseph and is part of the Racine District Council. Our mission is to seek union with God through serving the poor with love and justice. Volunteers make home visits to those in need, collect household items for those recently homeless, and offer professional skills on Council Boards. Each member contributes to the service of others with their gift of time and their unique talents. With service comes the reward of knowing you have made a difference.

“Everything seemed to be falling down at the same time. I was desperate, but God worked on my situation. Thank you, thank you for being God’s hands and feet. Bless you for the work you are doing. It is truly a ministry to people like me.” L.M.

Become a Vincentian and be a part of the Good Shepherd Conference. For more information, call Georgia McCanna, at 262-763-6225 or email Georgia at


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