Supplies Needed

Posted on July 14, 2021 in: General News

Supplies Needed

Vacation Bible Camp supply requests:  Solid fabric scraps (5x7 or larger), Pringles or Lays chip containers with lids, Coffee cans with lids, boxes with easy to remove tops, Old luggage (for decoration only, put your name and phone number inside so I can return it)

Also needed:  Male to play Ananias on Monday, August 2 from 8-Noon during Bible and closing stations.  There is a script--you do not need to memorize if you do not wish too.  Some practice would be needed.  Call Rita for more details 763-2050.  Look for the donation board at St. Joseph's in the West entrance for more opportunities to help.  These donations help us keep the cost of Vacation Bible Camp down so everyone can come.   


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